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Video sharing services, what they are, how to use them and which one will work for your needs.

Social Media in Five Years – the future of digital media (formerly known as social media)

Social media in five years In the last two weeks I have been in multiple meetings, in which someone asked or stated, “what is going to happen with the internet and social media in five years” or “I wish I knew where this technology was going so that I could determine if I need to […]

Netflix, meth, money, McDonald’s and Johnny Knoxville

I’ve been on a documentary kick lately, watching several on Netflix and checking a few out on Redbox. I’m normally an action, comedy or stoner movie fan and that’s about it but a co-worker suggested I watch The Wild and Wonderful Whites, a movie about a mountain (white trash) family in Boone County, West Virginia. Johnny Knoxville … Continue reading Netflix, meth, money, McDonald’s and Johnny Knoxville

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