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The impact of athletic success on higher education institutions

In a nutshell, athletic success absolutely has a positive, lasting and far-reaching impact on a university’s brand, academic reputation and ability to attract students. All students – not just athletes. Take a look at the story links below as you … Continue reading

Native Advertisers, Meet the FTC

Native Advertising, the latest buzz in digital advertising is taking over the world. The deeply integrated, social and arguably controversial, form of advertising can be found on Twitter, Facebook and soon to be every other social network. What is Native Advertising? Native ads are integrated into native content, whether it be video, photography, radio or […]

Will F-commerce be the next g-commerce, y-commerce or imall.com?

I’ve been reading F-Commerce articles (one | another) the last couple of days (f-commerce is Facebook commerce), some with interesting perspectives that may change the way we shop and others with lots of opinion but little perspective of what has worked or miserably failed online. Most people probably aren’t old enough or haven’t been on … Continue reading Will F-commerce be the next g-commerce, y-commerce or imall.com?

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Extending athletic success with long-tail social media engagement