Google, T-Mobile, Christian Bale, Skynet and Pizza

What do all of these have in common?

Not much, other than rumors flying about Google buying T-Mobile in their play to take over the world (a.k.a. Skynet, from the Terminator movies). These things fly around all the time, I think there are more conspiracy theories flurrying around Google than there are around the government. As with any conspiracy theory, there may be some truth to it, so don’t count these reports out. Chances are someone from Google probably did have a conversation with someone from T-Mobile and they probably did mention a buyout, whether they were C-level executives or two customer support reps helping each other hack the planet is up for argument.

T-Mobile may be looking to be purchased or just looking to go IPO and all of these little rumors are just helping that buzz.

I’m sure Google is considering anything and everything when it comes to wireless and mobile but I’m not convinced this is the Google play.  Why would they make such a big deal about Nexus One being the first carrier independent device (kind of…once they carry the phone) if they fully intended to target one carrier in the future.  One would think that a lawyer at T-Mobile, Verizon or Vodafone (all providers or soon to be providers of the Nexus One) would have red-flagged an agreement that let Google compete directly against them after agreeing to take their phone.

In addition, Google has done an incredible job of staying out of the wireless carrier space to date, why would they change that strategy now when they haven’t given the Nexus One a chance to help define their strategy? I would at least give their new toy a chance to bring in some numbers so they can see usage, trends and build an advertising model that hits their number objectives.  Once they see what the phone can do, then it makes sense that they move upstream and start hiring Christian Bale, Arnold and the animators from T1-Judgement Day to at least make cool commercials about Skynet.

Until then, Google can focus on localized pizza, coffee, business and connecting with friends locally through Latitude.

I would love to see Google get into the wireless carrier space, it would be nice to have free or even ad subsidized wireless service but I would rather they see how people use Nexus One and then build localized “ads” that don’t feel like ads but just providing us with what we would be doing anyway.  I could use an e-coupon every time I drive by Randy’s Donuts in LA or Roscoes Chicken & Wffles. Who wouldn’t pull over to a gas station that they’re about to drive past if they knew Arco was knocking a couple of bucks off for a fillup?

Google has proven, so far, to be fairly Spider-Man minded (“with great power comes great responsibility”) and I imagine when they do decide to jump into the carrier fray they will do so with a well thought out, strategic plan that doesn’t make us all hate them or realize how much they already know about us.

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