Why I love Google+

I’m not going to bore you with a protracted pontificatation about how or why Google+ rocks, is changing the world, isn’t Facebook, is Facebook…blah, blah, blah.

Here’s the short and sweet about why I love G+:

  1. Being an early adopter is like seeing a movie weeks before it hits theaters, oh and you can actually be ranked in the top 5,000 without trying at all. I haven’t tried to be personally social media relevant for years (I am paid to do it for companies) but I’m still in the top 3,500 Googe+ profiles.  Not bad, out of 18M.  No, I’m not going to make any attempt to maintain that spot, I don’t care.

    My Google+ Ranking 'cuz I'm kind of a big deal...today
    My Google+ Ranking 'cuz I'm kind of a big deal...today
  2. It’s Google and I like them more than I like Facebook. It’s all Big Brother, deal with it, I just like the G-money big brother instead of the F-privacy big bro.
  3. It’s not perfect and I know Google listens when I submit my comments.
  4. Dante was a genius! Google gets it. – yea, the Dante dude who was booted from the Catholic church because he actually tried to define and condemn people to levels of the post-mortal life. Now we all get the chance to put people in our own circles of heaven, hell, purgatory or the cool red circle they call “block” but I like to call the seventh level of hell.
  5. New stuff is just cool
  6. I was bored of Facebook anyway.  Just like in 1996, I was bored of Classmates after a few weeks.  If you think the internet is about sustained longevity, commitment to a brand or technology…think again (especially you folks who hold on to your tech stocks)
  7. Chicks dig it! – OK that’s totally untrue but the sausage-fest that is Google+, if it matures, could start to look a lot like FB at some point…which means a lot more females will be joining in the future.

I’m done, G+ me folks!

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