Google’s experimental fiber network and Social Media

If you haven’t caught the flick, hit up YouTube and check it out:

Once you check out the flick, imagine this.  Social media at 1Gb per second.  Wait, at that point isn’t it just called video phone? Will we even need what is becoming ‘traditional’ social media once our bandwidth is so fast that we can just hop on our computer and have a Minority Report experience (minus the creepy pre-cogs).

At what point will our current social media become just a journal for all to read (a.k.a. a blog)?  When we get there, mobile geo-tracking still makes sense but why would we want to text if we can just click a button to see the person and have a sub-window with directions to where they are?

I’m all for social media, I use it whenever I can but at some point we (or our kids) are going to just go full-circle back to a phone call, their’s may just include video as well.  The marketing potential and opportunities for small companies and large companies are almost endless when we get here because instead of thousands of writers moving above the mess.  Soon thousands of netfomercial ‘celebrities’ will take over the internet airwaves with their latest wares in a more interactive, engaging and entertaining way than ever before.

I use to hear VC presentations in the mid-90’s about this kind of stuff but we’re honestly getting so close I can taste it now.

Google, come to Irvine, CA PLEASE!!!