The Dalai Lama & Lil Wayne Hit Twitter

Well folks, it’s true, yes Lil Wayne has finally joined Twitter.

Slightly more monumental, The Dalai Lama was verified today and has been feeding his twitter account with media and articles on his site.  In just over 6 hours the Dalai Lama went from 600 followers to currently over 38,000.  Fittingly, he isn’t following anyone.

This brings up an interesting dialog. Religion is one of the oldest forms of ‘community’ known to man, if not the oldest. I’ve seen several religions on Facebook, Twitter and building their own websites, some even with communities. It will be interesting to watch how religion handles new media and whether they are able to follow the Dalai Lama’s lead and use vehicles like Twitter to connect in new and sometimes ‘heaven sent’ technology. I think it’s easy for religions to do this locally or regionally but when a leader of a church or religion is tweeting, kudos to them for connecting.

We’ll see if the Dalai Lama actually ends up tweeting or just using it as a vehicle to drive traffic to his main website content.

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