You a Twit or Tweeter? Twitter, Signs of Maturity or Getting ‘Old’?

Every technology that amounts to anything has an early-stage, growth (some redonculous growth), maturing or defining stage and then leveling off or down unless they continue to improve and innovate.

Twitter has been around long enough and experienced some of that redonculous growth and now it looks like they are starting to mature into a defined audience, according to recent studies.  Check out  “Recent analysis by RJMetrics pulled from Twitter’s API may suggest that Twitter is losing popularity:

  • The average Twitter user has 27 followers, down from 42 followers in August 2009.
  • Twitter is losing 20% from its July peak…
  • A large percentage of Twitter accounts are inactive…25% having no followers and 40% having never sent a Tweet. Only 17% sent a Tweet in December 2009, an all-time-low.
  • About 80% of all Twitter users have tweeted fewer than ten times.
  • In line with Nielsen’s April 09 observations (”Twitter users fail to return the following month“) – only 20% of tweeters come back to tweet in their second month.”

If you read on, it also mentions another article discussing the maturing of the app.  Essentially, those that do use Twitter are hard core and are leveraging it to the max.

What does this mean to you?

If your audience or target is between age 18-34 and a Tweetker then you need to be on Twitter. If you’re selling geriatric supplies then you may want to consider a different approach.  Now if you’re selling geriatric supplies and targeting an 18-34 demo…I want to hear that pitch.

NOTE:  I trust Quantcast data about as far as I can throw it and all their servers.  Quantcast is great for trending because their trending is pretty solid but please ignore the numbers and just look at the pretty pictures.

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