To Free-Fi or not to Free-FI (that’s free wi-fi)

Who hasn’t hopped on someone else’s network either by mistake or on purpose for a quick connection. I know every time my Cox connection goes out (daily) I end up on the neighbors crappy network.

It’s not safe, insecure and generally not very smart to hop on someone’s network. Long long ago in a galaxy far away, in a parallel universe of course, someone like me use to drive around ‘war-driving’ just to see how many people had open networks and then see how many files/folders they left open to the world.  It was amazing how little you had to drive to find completely open networks and thanks to our friends at Microsoft, completely open computers. My friend was a ‘good’ hack and left a message behind in the form of a word document with the words “SECURE YOUR NETWORK” in type 72 font. But could have done a lot more, including deleting every file in My Documents and in some cases even formatted the hard drives.

I know the bad of playing the Free-Fi game, yet I still find myself doing it by mistake or out of necessity on occassion.  How many of you Free-Fi?

Do you Free-Fi your Wi-Fi

Have you ever used someone else's wireless internet? Tell the truth and we won't tell your mom!

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