Magical Macworld iPad panel = 5 guys and 0 iPad

Apple said their new iPad was going to be magical. At first I couldn’t believe it, but now I know better. There is not many products where you can have a symposium of five expert Mac users (Andy Ihnatko, GDGT‘s Ryan Block, and Mac Observer‘s Ted Landau with Macworld’s Jason Snell and Dan Moren) who some how touched this magical “iPad” and not even have the device to create this much anticipation. There was a  few thousand people in auditorium awaiting on hearing information about a product that wasn’t even there. That’s right, you heard me, zero iPads were there. Instead in their place were a slew of mock-up iPads. Bearing no shame, the experts went on to discuss such important information as if the bezel were a waste of space or was it nice to have so the thumbs can rest on it. Yes, you heard me, these experts knew this bezel was important information to be discussed. Here are few shots below from the Macworld iPad panel.

MacWorld iPad panel

Apparently she wasn’t here either as I didn’t see any hot blondes at MacWorld 2010

MacWorld 2010 iPad panel

The 5 expert iPad panel

MacWorld 2010 iPad panel