D.C. Lobbying – Toyota = $15M, GM = $50M, who’s hiding what?

I heard on NPR this morning that Toyota has been Lobbying Washington (along with every other major company in the country) to the tune of $15M.  They brought up the fact that several of the people that are on the current questioning panel have received campaign money from Toyota totaling under $200K.

Hearing this didn’t make me mad, it made me wonder…Even if Toyota spent every cent of that money trying to “cover” up some issues, what kind of issues does GM have if they need to spend $51.1M in Lobbying (according to the NPR report)?  Or another question, how much of that $50M was Lobbying Washington to investigate Toyota?

I drive a Toyota with zero fear, probably because I’m a safe driver and stay well behind people but also because the shear number of “bad” cars vs. good cars is FAR LESS than I would have expected.  Honestly, this whole thing is not good for Toyota and is an absolute nightmare for the families that have had car problems and lost someone or been hurt.  But how is it that nobody is asking for the same data from Ford, GM or other car companies so that we have something to compare to.

In business you learn that the worst thing you can do is make decisions in a vacuum (without seeing everything around you). Yet, I really feel in-a-vacuum about this whole Toyota thing.  Maybe they are bad, maybe their percentage of bad vs. good is high but I don’t believe any of it until someone shows me a real picture with real data comparing the companies that are all over the news capitalizing on it.

Hey Toyota, throw me some data about your competition and let’s start a PR campaign called Tell the Truth.  If you suck…let’s expose it, if all of this bad news pales in comparison to those other big car companies then let’s tell people about it and tell the truth, outside of a vacuum.

Washington Lobbying is great at creating Vacuums. It is great if they truly are backed by data.  I’ve seen zero comparative data which makes me feel duped by the dopes again.

Another report shows the Auto Industry spending over $50M in just the first 9 mo. of 2009

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