WTF Does WTF Do?

WTF is this profane site about?

It’s not about swearing.

This is a blog created by Jeff Rushton as a venue to write about technology, photography and what he enjoys.

About JR

He is an experienced Chief Operating Officer with strength in marketing and tech. He has managed teams up to 85 people (over 125, including programming consultants) and budgets in excess of $42M. Over 15 years in SEM, SEO and website optimization experience and nine years helping companies improve their online marketing from the ground up or by improving existing efforts (by reducing costs, improving SEO, optimizing SEM and building social networking, blog outreach and organic traffic initiatives).

Jeff works well in technical, executive and board room environments and has been a keynote speaker and expert witness on e-commerce and digital marketing topics. If you need a rockstar to improve your online presence and performance, let’s talk.

Now and Then

University of Louisville

  • Help shatter every social media and online engagement record
  • Architect and launched a new website based on historic data, user-experience and focusing on goals instead of wants
  • Establish digital marketing and advertising strategy for the university and work with 12 schools and 24 different departments to create and roll out their own strategies based on their goals.
  • Work with local companies, like UPS Corporate headquarters and Norton Healthcare headquarters to train and update on social media, internet marketing, analytics and effective methods of viral marketing.
  • Built a university-wide internet marketing and advertising training program for faculty, staff and students.

    POM Wonderful

    • Manage domestic and international advertising campaigns and track effectiveness
    • Personally wrote a blogger CRM & launched blog outreach program with 100 bloggers. In under 12 months grew to over 2,000 bloggers, 1,000 posts, 11,000 comments and over 3M page views (two of us managing it part-time). When I left the program was over 10,000 bloggers.
    • Increased Keyword placement for priority keywords to 1st
    • Increased social media engagements by over 4,000% in 10 months (on Twitter, Facebook & YouTube)
    • Decreased SEM costs by 18% while increasing traffic by 15%
    • In first year, increased SEO traffic by over 400% during season (Oct-Dec)
    • Increased SEO-rich site content from 1,000 pages to 2,000 pages in 4 months
    • Build a daily flow of posts about our products by unpaid 3rd party bloggers for over 11 months straight.

      Consulting Engagement Wins

      CLIENT: Lead management software company

      • Advise startup in SEO, SEM, site and content development, giving them 1st page ranking in highly competitive lead management industry.

      CLIENTS: Multiple mortgage & real estate companies

      • Consult a consortium of 17 lead generation companies in reaching 1st page ranking with SEO and SEM in highly competitive industries like Mortgage (during the boom), education and debt reduction.
      • Generate over $1B in revenue from the leads we generated and sold to Countrywide Mortgage, major banks, the University of Phoenix and other major lead buyers.
      • Architect and implement a ‘live leads’ solution that could generate and pass-through live callers to lead buyers at a premium.
      • Manage up to a $6M budget in online marketing, mostly in search.

      CLIENT: Major e-commerce (technology) site

      • Close a six figure XML-based media buy with real time updates for Intel (a first for the company and Agency).
      • CLIENT: Major e-commerce provider, hosting company and merchant account provider

        • Lead the company (as COO) to two years as the #1 sales organization for Cardservice International, then the largest merchant account provider in the country.
        • Manage the development of a turn-key e-commerce solution for small businesses, including SEO-optimized dynamic content.
        • Build the e-commerce business to over 8,000 paying customers.
        • Wrote training material and marketing manuals, sold with the service.
        • Helped manage $42M P&L, including all online and traditional marketing

        CLIENT: Major e-commerce host and provider

        • Manage development and launch of completely redesigned CRM solution for 30,000 e-commerce customers.
        • Consult on improving the SEO optimization for their 30,000 customers by integrating dynamic SEO.


        • Started a wireless company, built customer base and raised $750K to get first major agreement (with Costco)

        • Helped build company from the ground up and help in selling the company to, a public company.
        • Kolbe Corp.

          • Convert company, including over 100,000 customer records, to all digital and all online.
          • Manage development of an all-online, performance forecasting solution, SEO and SEM.

          Evergreen Internet

          • Develop e-commerce websites for Time/Warner, Kraft, Nabisco, The Sharper Image, Sundance, Lifestyles, BigDog Sportsware, Johnston & Murphy Shoes, Cable Systems International and over 30 more companies.