About WTF is Online

Jeff Rushton on LinkedIn
This is a personal/professional (other than the name) blog by Jeff Rushton

Why do I blog?

  • some of it I can’t post at work
  • I can have friends blog with me; (eg. Tram)
  • I bought a cool domain, I have to use it for something
  • it’s cheaper than a shrink
  • networking
  • I get bored sometimes
  • what else is there to do at 12:37 a.m.

Who am I?

  1. 18+ year technology executive
  2. nerd
  3. consultant
    • e-commerce
    • internet marketing
    • online, in general
    • marketing – traditional & online
    • advertising – traditional & online
    • interim-COO/CEO
    • Higher Ed Digital Media
    • expert witness – social media, online, e-commerce, internet analytics, online marketing
    • corporate re-organization – as a hit-man, general restructuring or transition companies from traditional to digital
  4. 7-time entrepreneur – as a founder, CEO/Pres., COO and interim COO.
  5. Conference speaker – Direct Marketing (NY & LA), Internet World (NY & LA) and in subject-matter conferences; sports, blogging, fitness, government, education, higher education, non-profit fundraising, more…

Projects I have worked on:




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