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When Will 80% of Facebook Interest Disappear? What to Watch.

Most people who work in the social media or digital media (web, social and mobile) space saw last week’s article about Facebook losing 80% of its interest level by 2017. The internet responded in a comical and resounding way expressing, often comically, how flawed the model was. I’ve been following their premise since 2011 not […]

Social Media Evolution and Survival Since 1851

I am not a history buff, it was always one of my worst subjects in school but after serving as a Chief Operating Officer for several companies I have come to appreciate the lessons that can be learned by looking back. It usually isn’t the tactics, tasks or strategies you see in the past, it […]

Radioactive Decay

Why Are We Less (or Dis) Interested in Facebook? Lack of Listening and Marketing

Social networks historically don’t last very long, they average about six years until the majority of their population leave or simply stop visiting/using the site. Facebook and Twitter has broken that mold, they have survived past six years, continue to grow/mature and have established themselves as longer-term social networks. Does that mean they will last? […]